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Last Update 3 years ago

Because we care about our clients and we want them to have the best experience on the Aurix exchange , we are proud to announce our new cash-back system. After each transaction, the client recives cashback directly into their account. In other words, the more you trade, the more you earn.

So, as you can see in table above, Aurix has divided cashback levels intro severals categories called VIPs.

As an example, the customer who bought and stored at least 800AUR is assigned as customer VIP 1 and recive 30% cashback from fees of his trading transactions in Aurix Exchange.

You can reach up to level 6, where the customer who bought and stored at least 300000AUR receives 90% cashback from fees of his transactions in Aurix Exchange.

All the cashback earned by a customer will return as Aurix Token.

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