What is KYC verification, how it's work and how long does it take to achieve it?

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1. KYC verification - is the abbreviation for Know Your Customer and represents the process by which a company verifies the identity of his customers to prevent the potential risks of illegal intentions as well money laundering, identity theft, financial fraud, etc., the process doing part of anti money laundering (AML) policies according to the regulations in force. Also, the purpose of KYC verification is to ensuring crypto organizations and institutions in connection with legitimacy, transparency and the security of their clients transactions; thats why is requested an officially ID issued by a state authority for identity verification.

2. To complete the KYC verification you need to log in to your user account. In the right corner, click the "Account details" button, then click "Start" button. Select the country of origin, fill in the phone number and press the telegram button. You will receive the confirmation code via SMS on number that you provide before. Click "Next". Read the terms and conditions and after accepting them click "Next". You will be asked to upload an identity document, which can be an identity card, passport, driving license or residence permit. You can

upload the document from your gallery or you can create a new photo of it. Click "Confirm" and you will then be redirected to facial recognition, click "I'm ready" and start recording the face until the green columns are lit. After your data is uploaded and transmitted you will be notified that the verification is performed.

3. Aurix has one of the fastest KYC verification processes, so depending on the number processing it does not take more than 5 minutes. Remember that for a shorter waiting time ensure a stable internet connection and the best quality of uploaded documents. Careful! Without KYC verification, the use of the Aurix account is limited.

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