What is the 2FA setting and how do I activate it?

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1. Two-factor authentication assistance, abbreviated as 2FA, is the way companies offer to enhance security of its customers accounts by adding in addition to the traditional password a code generated by an authenticator or based on sms. This code changes every 30 seconds and is used each time you log in from a new device, this making the use of the personal account by another person impossible. Aurix uses this increased measure of security for its customers accounts and will enable it to be activated using Google authentication.

2. To activate 2FA in Aurix go to your account, click "Account details" and then "Activate 2FA". From your store AppleStore or GooglePlay download "Google Authenticator". Scan the QR code with your phone using the authenticator, it will generate a code that you will have to enter in the field, then click "Activate". Now the account is secure.

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